Crossfire Premier Goalkeeper Schedule

* All GK’s are expected to attend one of their age group GK trainings per week *

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Goalkeeper Staff

Rich Reece


Crossfire Soccer Club and Rich Reece

Crossfire GK’s are in “In Safe Hands”

Never before has the number 1 position been more influential or demanding. The position requires a unique mix of mental strength, speed, concentration, bravery and technical ability – combined with hard work and dedication.To succeed in such a specialist position requires specialist coaching.

Rich Reece and Crossfire goalkeepers will be working on a daily basis to cove the 4 pillars of goalkeeping


  • Diving Saves
  • Distribution
  • Set Position
  • Catching & Handling 
  • Shot Stopping & Redirecting
  • Crossing 


  • Anticipation / Decision Making
  • Organizing the Defense
  • Breakaway Saves 
  • Pass Back  
  • Angle Play and Positioning
  • Restarts 
  • Establishing Tempo

Mental Skills

  • Leadership 
  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive Direction
  • Training Ethics 
  • Handling Pressure
  • Self Analysis 
  • Self Motivator

Physical Dimension

  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Proper Warm-up 
  • Effective Cool-down 
  • Prevention of Injury 
  • Flexibility & Coordination &  Strength
  • Pressure Training 

Crossfire is committed to produce the top GK program nationwide and produce quality keepers at all ages and levels, with Rich Reece as the GK Director we believe our GK’s will be “In Safe Hands”

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