Program Fees and Payments

How expensive is Premier soccer?
Premier soccer is more expensive than recreational and club select programs. Crossfire Premier players pay a monthly club fee. The total annual costs of the program are divided into equal monthly payments, May 2014 through-April 2015, payable on-line.

Are there hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs. New players to premier level soccer should attend the parent meeting before Tryouts to clarify any questions related to cost.

  • Travel - Each player is responsible for their travel costs to tournaments and games. Our most competitive teams travel extensively. Games in Vancouver, Tri-Cities, Spokane, Canada for Super-Y, California for Surf Cup, and other distances may require over night stays. Travel costs will vary from team to team. At older ages, it is common that only the player travels.
  • Uniform Kit - Every other year, the player is required to purchase a complete uniform kit that includes home and away jersey, shorts and socks, backpack, warm ups, and training Ts. The kit is estimated at $375 plus tax. 
  • Team Dues - This amount is calculated by the team manager and treasurer and covers the cost of entering tournaments, coach travel, renting additional field time when necessary, etc. This amount depends on the level of the team ("A" teams do more travel and enter more expensive tournaments so their team dues are higher). Team dues are paid first at the beginning of the year team meeting and then typically another payment maybe due in the fall.
  • Fundraising - Crossfire as a club carries out various fundraising efforts throughout the year to offset club costs and provide monies for scholarships. Individual teams can offset their team dues by carrying out team fundraising. This is encouraged especially for teams that travel extensively.

Does Crossfire offer Financial Aid?
Yes, Crossfire is proud to give the opportunity to those players that wish to play premier soccer, financial assistance. This help takes the form of club fees. Travel costs, uniform kit and team dues are the responsibility of each individual player. To learn more, please contact the Crossfire office at (425) 821-1741.