2014-15 ECNL Tryout Schedule


2013-14 ECNL Tryout Schedule
Age Date Day Time Field Tryout Registration
U14            May 9 Friday  4-5:30pm Marymoor Park #3 Register  
  May 10 Saturday  TBD  TBD  
  Due to the fact that the U14 ECNL team will participate in the fall RCL season, the U14 ECNL tryout will be held in conjunction with the rest of the age group.                                
U15 May 5 Monday 5:30-7pm Grasslawn Park #1 Register
U16 May 12 Monday 5:30-7pm Grasslawn Park #1 Register
U17 May 12 Monday 4-5:30pm Grasslawn Park #2 Register
U18 May 12 Monday 4-5:30pm Grasslawn Park #1 Register

Players that are planning on attending the ECNL tryout from U15-U18 should sign-up specifically for the ECNL tryouts using the link next to thier age group. 

Players wanting to tryout for the U14 ECNL team should sign-up for the regular tryouts registration (link net to thier age group as well).

2014/15 Crossfire Premier Coaching Staff


Boys       Girls    
Age Group Team Coach   Age Group Team Coach
U18 USSDA  Ralph Black   U18 ECNL Justi Baumgardt
U16 USSDA  Bernie James   U17 ECNL Tim Reynolds
U14 USSDA  Bernie James   U16 ECNL Rich Reece
USSDA Staff  Mark Collings (SPU)   U15 ECNL Billy Wiskel

 Jeff Rowland (UW)

  U14 ECNL Tim Reynolds
USSDA Staff   Mike Griener   ECNL Staff  Arby Busey (SPU)
USSDA  GK Staff  Rich Reece (UW)   ECNL Staff  Julie Woodward (SU)
        ECNL Staff  Peter Hattrup
U18 A Mark Collings   U18 A Peter Hattrup
        U18 B Brooke Reece
        U18 C Mark Metzger
U17 A Mark Collings   U17 A Joe James
U17 B Joe James   U17 B Justin Towns
U16 A Mark Collings   U16 A Billy Wiskel
U16 B Dan Pingrey   U16 B Brooke Reece
U16 C Mike Griener   U16 C Peter Hattrup
U15 A Bernie James   U15 A Steve Crum
U15 B Billy Wiskel   U15 B Jamie Crum
U15 C Erik Storkson   U15  C Devin Rairdon
U15 D Nigel White        
U14 A Ralph Black   U14 A Steve Crum
U14 B Rudy Lawrence   U14 B Brooke Reece
U14 C Mark Metzger        
U13 A Ralph Black   U13 A Andy Schmetzer
U13 B Kevin Reiman   U13 B Bree Rowe
U13 C Nigel White   U13 C Joe James
U13 D Tony Mercado        
U12 A Ralph Black   U12 A Justi Baumgardt
U12 B Erik Sorkson   U12 B Steve Crum
U12 C EJ Raftery   U12 C Justin Towns
U12 D Andres Lugo        
U11 A Bernie James   U11 A Peter Hattrup / Pat Williams
U11 B Nick James   U11 B Dan Pingrey
U11 C Tony Mercado   U11 C Lori Stengrund
U11 D Mark Korn        
U11 Nigel White        
U10 A Tim Reynolds   U10 A Andy Schmetzer
U10 B Justin Towns   U10 B Mark Metzger
U10 C Devin Rairdon   U10 C Erin Redwine
U10 D Alistair Shull   U10 D Renee Schmetzer
U10 E Jake Ellig        
U10 F Mark Korn        
U9 A Bernie James   U9 A Peter Hattrup
U9 B Troy Letherman   U9 Bree Rowe
U9 C Erik Storkson        
U9 D Mark Korn