Identity & Culture

There is a strong sense of culture and identity within the Crossfire Premier Academy and the organization as a whole. This begins with the club’s history and is maintained through adherence to those standards, communication and collaboration between a group of people working together to maintain the club’s purpose and further the club’s future.

Spirit and belief against any odds are at the foundation of the club and run through our players and teams from top to bottom. While we service an ethnically and racially diverse community, we certainly believe there is such a thing as Crossfire DNA, and though it may not be inherent to our players upon arrival at the club, it’s imprinted on them during their time here and exhibited in full each and every time a Crossfire team takes the field.

A primary hallmark of Crossfire Premier teams, from the youngest of Zone 1 on through the U-17/18 Academy team, is consistent, honest hard work. Crossfire players are always competing, no matter the score, the conditions or the opponent. We build a foundation for this beginning at the earliest ages: Crossfire Premier training sessions are always conducted at a high tempo with serious expectations for player performance, work rate and attention to detail. As players progress through our system, working hard at all times, in all situations, becomes second nature. Our players do not wear gloves, tights or stocking caps—and while that may appear cosmetic, it’s a seismic exhibition of who we are. We are tough, we can handle anything, and we succeed because it means more to us.

At the organizational level, we promote a culture of goal-oriented, professional development geared toward realizing the image we have for the club—becoming the single best non-professional Academy club in the United States. We ask that our administrative staff members, our coaches and our players maintain an attitude of professionalism and hold themselves to the highest standards. We expect to be the best, and thus plan like we’re the best, prepare like we’re the best, and our teams take the field like we’re the best. We have strict standards of appearance and behavior for our Academy players and our Academy staff, and we enforce those standards fairly and equitably, providing for a setting of professional development and advancement, where everyone is clear on the rules and standards and what it takes to move up. Finally, at Crossfire Premier, integrity, character and loyalty are more just words; they’re the very first traits we look for in aspiring Academy players. We identify character, recruit character and play character, and we feel a large part of our club’s success is down to this. At the Academy level, we have instituted a peer-led senior leadership group, whose job it is to reflect on these values and to then make sure the younger players coming in know and understand what Crossfire is about.

We have high expectations for our coaches and players and demand continuous effort, while always looking to promote quality over quantity. We want our coaches to innovate, and we want our players to take risks. By selecting the right type of people and giving the tools to succeed, then freeing them to do so, Crossfire Premier has built its reputation, which can only continue to grow.

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