Athletes 10 Team Training

Crossfire Teams Improve Their Conditioning While Training
All Ten Elements of Athletic Performance.

More than 30 Crossfire teams and all of the Development Academy teams train at Force 10. Highly affordable Athletes 10 Team training sessions reinforce athletic movement patterns, while soccer athletes train strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, power and flexibility. Led by attentive professional athletic performance coaches, Crossfire athletes work in up to six Force 10 training zones in each session, while also learning the fundamentals of proper nutrition, recovery and mind mastery; all in a positive environment of character, values and leadership.

In season, Crossfire teams typically train one or two Athletes 10 sessions per week. Athletes 10 sessions provide optimal athletic performance and conditioning that enables the team’s coaches to maximize the use of their team’s field time. Crossfire coaches can concentrate all of their practice time on skill development, team play and positional play, without having to focus on their athletes’ in-season training, conditioning or developing their overall athleticism.

Crossfire athletes who need to miss a training session with their team can do a makeup session that week with another Crossfire team or attend an open training session.


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