Injury Prevention Training

Based on the Proven FIFA 11 Model Serious Injuries to Crossfire Players can be Reduced 30 – 50%

Injury Prevention Training (IPT) is included in all Force 10 programs, however, Force 10 has developed a special Injury Prevention Program based on the FIFA 11 model that has been proven to reduce soccer injuries by 30 – 50%.

Even though the FIFA 11 model was proven by independent studies to be highly effective in reducing injury, the problem is that an effective way to implement the program has never been developed – until now!

In only 20 minutes twice a week, either before practice, games, or at Force 10, simple injury prevention exercises can be delivered to all Crossfire players that will significantly reduce injuries.

Force 10 is working with Crossfire teams, coaches, players, parents, and staff to more fully implement the Injury Prevention Training (IPT) Program. The Program includes education, training and the delivery of the injury prevention exercises so that a significant reduction of serious and career threatening injuries for Crossfire athletes can occur.

Watch for more information on implementation of Force 10’s Injury Prevention Program for your team or athlete in the weeks to come!

Injuries Can’t be Eliminated Completely, but They can be
Minimized Through Proper Education and Training!

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