AS Roma Advanced Development Program

Beginning its third year, Crossfire’s Advanced Development Program (ADP) is undergoing some slight modification, with the program adapting to an altered landscape—namely, the introduction of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy U-12 program and the change to club teams based on calendar-year registration. Also starting with the 2016-17 season, ADP will fall under the club’s AS Roma USA Academy development umbrella, with training curriculum and additional resources provided by the Serie A club’s youth sector.

Designed to provide the optimum development environment by emphasizing quality training and limited, meaningful competition, ADP participants will receive two training sessions per month from June through January, a complete AS Roma USA Academy ADP training kit, and selected players will take part in three competitions in the 2016-17 season: SX Cup (Labor Day Weekend; Surrey, BC); Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup (October) and Vegas Cup (MLK Weekend, 2017).

2016-17 Crossfire AS Roma ADP

  • Boys: 2007 / 2006 / 2005 Academy Prospects
  • Girls: 2006 / 2005 ECNL Prospects and 2004 Pre-ECNL

ADP is a supplementary program, meant to augment a player’s club-soccer experience. Coaches and directors can recommend players to the program, or players may attend the open tryout for program evaluation.

AS ROMA USA ADP TRYOUT RESULTS: Timeline & Information

Tryouts for Crossfire’s AS Roma Advanced Development program took place on Saturday, June 11, and coaches and directors are currently formalizing the evaluations and building player pools for the 2016-17 ADP program. More information on the process, and when to expect results, is below.


All players who attended the tryout will receive an e-mail with program placement and further information by Sunday evening, June 26, with the program’s first training session to begin within two weeks of that communication. Currently, the ADP coaching staff and club directors are spread between US Youth Soccer Region IV Championships and the US Soccer Development Academy National Playoffs & Showcase.

Players who missed the tryout/evaluation may e-mail and will be invited out for two training sessions for a full evaluation.

Philosophy & Tryout Information

Crossfire Premier, and the AS Roma USA Advanced Development Program, complies with US Soccer and Development Academy standards regarding the diminishing value of any tryout (Academy clubs are instructed to rely on scouting and other identification programs, such as ADP, for selecting players to top-level programs, instead of offering tryouts. Crossfire does not hold tryouts for its U-12, U-13/14, U-15/16 or U-17/18 Development Academy squads). Thus, rather than being utilized solely as a selection tool, we view it as an identification exercise for selecting players with the potential to grow within the program.

Philosophically, we believe there are too many variables at play within a one-day tryout to make selecting most players a rock-solid proposition. A player can have a great session–right place, right time, ball finds him or her in good positions, etc.–and look stellar, but it’s just as likely a good player have a bad day, be nervous, have trouble getting into the flow of the game due to playing with players he or she doesn’t know, or things of that nature. As a club, we are not comfortable making snap judgments on players’ ability based on limited observation in such a fluctuating environment, and we believe it puts too much stress on players to perform — they’re much too young to be handed that burden, which in the end is entirely unnecessary as well.

Within ADP, there are no roster deadlines for the club to adhere to, as it’s purely an advanced development program with the training environment at the program’s core. Initially, selected players will be offered one of three options:

  1. Full Program Invite: Players will be invited to register for the program immediately and are expected to attend all training sessions that are not in conflict with the player’s club commitments. Players show the potential to compete for placement on an ADP travel squad.
  2. Partial Program Invite: Players are invited to attend the first few training sessions for further evaluation, so both ADP coaches as well as the player and his or her parents can see if it’s a good fit before the family commits fully to the program’s annual calendar. Players in this category have shown potential for ADP selection and by training within the pool for a few sessions, coaches are able to get a better understanding of the particular player’s strengths and potential in a more controlled environment.
  3. Training Pool Invite: Players who show potential for the future but are perhaps not quite prepared yet for the full program are invited into the ADP training pool, with the understanding that their goal is to train in a different environment with the aim of accelerating their development. While selection to an ADP travel squad is never ruled out, we want these players to know up front, prior to selecting their spot in the training pool, that selection for travel is unlikely in the near-term. 

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