We hope everyone is healthy and continuing to find ways to remain happy and productive through these times. 

Today, we wanted to reach out with more information about the club’s plans to accommodate our players and families for the coming season, regardless of when we are released to train and play again. 

First, and most importantly, we want to reiterate that Crossfire Premier will be fully operational going forward, just as in previous years. We will resume with the full range of our programming as soon as we get the green light from state and federal authorities. The club will field 10 less teams total than in previous years; however, that’s a decision that was already made in order to help alleviate the parking and field-space issues at Marymoor Park and our other facilities. 

Secondly, we have committed to paying our coaches their full salaries through September 1 at least.  

Now, what’s most important to our players: Tryouts and team formation for 2020-21. 

    1. Registration for tryouts is now open: https://www.crossfiresoccer.org/resources/player-registration/. We have waived all tryout registration fees. You’ll need to be registered for Crossfire tryouts by April 30 in order to be placed on an XF team for the upcoming season. If you have already registered for tryouts and paid the $15, the amount will be applied to your fees if you are placed on a team, or refunded if not. 
    2. Click here to read about the 2020-21 tryout process. 
    3. Players new to Crossfire Premier can also register at this time and will be tentatively placed on rosters, though again there will be some movement expected once full training resumes. 
    4. Initial placement rosters will be decided in early May. 
    5. Selected players will need to register for the season by June 1, but Crossfire Premier has a plan to alleviate the financial burden on our families, so you can commit to the upcoming soccer season and confirm your place on the team without needing to pay fees when not training/playing.
        •     Families will need to make the initial payment of $235 when registering, but there will be no further payments until we’ve resumed training. For example, if we begin training on July 15, your first payment will be August 1. 
        •     Any payments deferred due to the club not training will be deducted from your total annual cost of participation, so monthly payments will remain the same amount and end on schedule as in other years. 

And one final change, we have rescheduled our Proliance tournament from the weekend of June 6 to Labor Day weekend. This may be one of the summer’s major (or only) big soccer tournaments, so please plan your availability accordingly. 

Again, thanks to all our committed Crossfire players and families. Please reach out to the club with any questions or if we can assist you in any way during these trying times. 



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