• Question: What is Crossfire Premier (XF)?
    Answer: It is one of the top-rated premier soccer clubs in the country and is a year-round soccer program for players who want to play at the highest level.


  • Question: When are tryouts?
    Answer: High School age boys are in February, the rest of the age groups are in April and May. Check the tryout sections of the website for updates.


  • Question: How much are club fees?
    Answer: Club fees are $2,900 for U11 and older, and $2,600 for U8-U10 players. There is also a $100 refundable volunteer fee. All club fees can be paid over 10 months.


  • Question: Do I have to purchase a uniform?
    Answer: Yes, all new players need to buy a full uniform kit (approximately $375). The uniforms are purchased on a two-year cycle, boys on even years and girls on odd years.


  • Question: How often do XF teams train?
    Answer: Most XF teams train 3-4 times a week.


  • Question: Where do XF teams train?
    Answer: Most XF teams train at 60 Acres in the summer and Marymoor Park in the winter.


  • Question: Can XF players play other sports?
    Answer: Yes, but we ask that XF and the soccer schedule is a priority.


  • Question: Does XF help with ECNL travel costs?
    Answer: The club fundraises to help with travel costs for mandatory ECNL events and playoffs. XF also helps with ECNL RL travel costs for playoffs.


  • Question: Do non-ECNL team fees help fund ECNL travel?
    Answer: No, ECNL travel is solely funded by the Crossfire Foundation through sponsorships, tournaments, camps, and the XF auction.


  • Question: What is XF’s relationship with Surf Sports?
    Answer: We have been working together for 20 years and are currently working together on a summer tournament. Crossfire Premier is a separate club but collaborates on many different levels with Surf Sports.


  • Question: How much does it cost to play in XF tournaments?
    Answer: Per player cost for the minimum 3 games averages $25 per game based on the maximum roster and 1 car parking fee per family. At 4 games it is approximately $20 a family per game. For 5 games it is approximately $16 per family per game.


  • Question: Are XF teams allowed to play in any tournament they want?
    Answer: Yes.


  • Question: Can players leave XF in the middle of a season?
    Answer: Yes, as long as they are current with their fees (no questions asked).


  • Question: Can coaches leave XF anytime?
    Answer: Yes, also no questions asked and no phone calls.


  • Question: Who pays for the maintenance of 60 Acres?
    Answer: It is paid for by all registered players in Lake Washington Youth Soccer, and revenue generated by rentals.


  • Question: Are XF players allowed to train with other XF teams?
    Answer: Within reason yes. They need to go to their teams’ training first and then can attend other teams’ training of a similar age and level with coaches’ permission at no extra cost.


  • Question: Can girls practice with boys teams?
    Answer: Yes, once again within reason and with the coach’s permission


  • Question: Can XF ECNL players play high school soccer?
    Answer: Yes, but for those who choose not to, XF runs a fall and spring league that involves some travel that XF helps fund.


  • Question: Do XF teams travel outside the United States?
    Answer: Yes, but it has to be agreed to by the team members and it is strictly optional.


  • Question: What teams does XF recommend go to Europe?
    Answer: Teams that dominate in the NW and have a chance to compete with top-level competition.


  • Question: Does XF have a full-time college coordinator?
    Answer: Yes.


  • Question: Does XF produce professional players?
    Answer: Yes, over 20 in the last 10 years.


  • Question: Does XF recommend private training?
    Answer: No, we believe with all the additional training it is not necessary. But if you do use a private trainer, we recommend you do your research and make sure your trainer is qualified.



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