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Exclusive College Resource Website and Search Tools (Moved to ScoutingZone)

All Crossfire Premier Players in the 8th grade and up will get access to ScoutingZone which is a web-based resource.  Crossfire Premier players should email devin.rairdon@crossfiresoccer.org to get access. 

XF College Prep Manual

All Crossfire Premier players from the 8th grade and up will receive a copy of this manual, and we encourage families to utilize it as their starting point for the recruiting process. 

XF College Program Administrators

The XF College Program Administrators are Devin Rairdon and Nick Piger.  In addition to your team coaches, Devin and Nick are available to answer questions for all Crossfire Premier players.  

You can contact Devin at devin.rairdon@crossfiresoccer.org

You can contact Devin at nick.piger@crossfiresoccer.org

College Selection Process and Financial Aid Seminars

Crossfire provides seminars on the college selection process and financial aid at various times during the year.  Information will be posted here and emailed directly to all XF high school-aged players.

Partnership with ScoutingZone

Crossfire is a proud partner with ScoutingZone.  They are the most widely utilized scouting/recruiting platform by college soccer coaches nationwide, with over 3500+ scouts using SZ to recruit.  Crossfire players get access to the upgraded version of ScoutingZone for no additional cost.  Crossfire players also get access to the SZ monthly newsletter.  Click here for ScoutingZone FAQ’s

List of recent XF grads and where they went to play college soccer.



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