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All players (including ECNL) should use the link below to register for tryouts!

2021/22 Girls ECNL Tryouts 

Birth Year Age Date Day Time Field
 2009  U13  May 10  Completed    
 2008  U14  May 10  Completed    
 2007  U15  May 10  Compelted    
 2006  U16  May 17  Completed    
 2005  U17  May 17  Completed    
 2003/04  U18/19  May 17  Completed    

2021/22 Girls RCL Tryout Schedule 

Birth Year Age Date Day Time Field
 2013  U9  May 20  Thursday   4-5:15pm  Marymoor #1
     May 21  Friday   4-5:15pm  Marymoor #1
 2012  U10  May 20  Thursday   4-5:15pm  Marymoor #1
     May 21  Friday  5:30-6:45pm  Marymoor #1
 2011  U11  May 20  Thursday   5:30-6:45pm  Marymoor #1
     May 21  Friday   5:30-6:45pm  Marymoor #3
 2010  U12  May 20  Thursday   7-8:15pm  Marymoor #4
     May 21  Friday   7-8:15pm  Marymoor #1
 2009  U13  May 11  Completed    
     May 12      
 2008  U14  May 11  Completed    
     May 12      
 2007  U15  May 11  Completed    
      May 12      
 2006  U16  May 18  Completed     
 2005  U17  May 18  Completed    
 2003/04  U18/19  May 18  Completed    


MM = Marymoor Park   GL = Grasslawn Park

Each age group will have 2 days of tryouts, and it is recomended that players attend both days.  If for some reason you are unable to attend both days, please notify the administrators at the time of check in.

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