Practicing with other teams, REVISED POLICY:

There has been some confusion about practicing up an age group or level with other teams. Our updated policy will limit the training to twice a month and both the coaches from each team must agree and have knowledge of the day of the training and okay it. It is supposed to be a reward for the players that work the hardest and want to be challenged. It is also intended to get the coaches on the higher-level teams to look at some of the best players on the lower-level teams going in to the next season’s tryouts. It is not intended to allow players to skip their own practices and instead go to another practice because it is more convenient, or because the player thinks he or she is too good for their own team.

Remember, this is an additional benefit for XF players – it is not guaranteed. Players don’t have an unlimited right to train with older or higher-level teams. There is no requirement for coaches to agree, especially if it begins to cause an issue with either team.

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