XF ECNL Funding for 2021-22

XF Pays for ECNL League and Showcase Travel (does not include Vancouver or Portland)

Hotel (6 rooms per team)
Airfare (max 16 players, 1 coach, 1 chaperone if needed)
Rental vans (15 passenger or 2 minivans)

Boys Girls
U13, U14 & U15 1 Showcase U13, U14 & U15 1 Showcase
U16 & U17 2 Showcases U16 & U17 3 Showcases
U19 1 Showcase U19 1 Showcase

Playoffs/End of Year Showcase

Potentially subsidized, dependent on annual budget

Dallas Cup will be be funded for the U17 and U19 Boys ECNL 1 teams

Player Costs

All players except the U19 Boys (ECNL 1) and Girls will pay the standard $2,500 club fee.

Players pay for own uniforms (approx. $385)

Players pay for any non-ECNL travel (Surf Cup etc.)



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