We want to try and explain our position on travel, and pass along our risk vs. reward calculations, so families better understand the club’s reasoning.

  • We understand some other clubs have chosen to travel to an ECNL event in Phoenix in the next week or two. The RCS did not approve travel for these clubs; these clubs went against the majority decision of their own accord.
  • We are following the governor’s guidelines for travel, until they change. Our commitment is to the health and welfare of all our players and families, and we cannot in good conscience risk any individual’s health, nor our ability to train and play locally, for an out-of-state event.
  • At these events there will be no Division 1 college coaches, so we also don’t think it would be worth the risk or the money to travel.
  • Given the way that teams would have to travel, each family with their own child, we believe it would increase the cost of trips by at least 3x, while also increasing potential exposures exponentially. Travel also opens up the possibility of players/parents being stranded at a destination for a quarantine period before being allowed to return home.
  • US Club Soccer insurance is not valid if traveling in contradiction to guidance from local health authorities.
  • Finally, we don’t believe that 2-3 teams should travel while the rest of our club can’t even play intraclub scrimmages.

Again, we want to play games, compete and travel as soon as possible. The moment our state and local health authorities allow it, will we absolutely travel. Many of our teams have even applied to upcoming out-of-state tournaments in the hope that conditions allow for travel; however, in each case, we will adapt or change plans depending on current regulations.


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