The Governor has released modified guidelines for youth sports. There are now three levels of activity, dependent on county-by-county Covid reports.
You will be informed on Monday morning each week as to our level for the week ahead. Be flexible and prepared to let your teams know the format and training schedule each week. 

This week, October 19 – October 23: 

– No scrimmages or games are allowed with outside teams or Crossfire teams.

Again, this can change weekly. You will be told every Monday morning at the latest what we can do for that week for training, so pay attention to your emails. You will be updated on Friday regarding your weekend games.
It’s critical that we follow the basic guidelines for the level of activity we are in. Coaches, you need to be aware of and follow every rule above. Coaches and managers also need to control your sideline and ensure your team is following the spectator limits and rules. Crossfire teams found knowingly or repeatedly violating the rules will not be able to reserve fields for scrimmages and can be further punished. We are dependent on everyone’s compliance in order to maintain our activity status, so please help us (and you) by doing what you’re supposed to. 

General guideline of what’s allowed per activity phase:


– Groups of six or less for training (moderate contact allowed; for example, 3v3)

– No games or scrimmages


– Full team training allowed

– If you utilize training bibs, no exchanging bibs between players. Once a player has worn a bib it needs to go back in your bag to be washed that night. 

– Games and scrimmages are allowed

– One parent spectator allowed per minor (under 18) participant; for players 18 or older, no spectators at all are allowed. Spectators must wear their masks at all times.

– No tents or team benches are allowed. Players must remain at least 6 feet apart on the sideline.

– No tournaments or out-of-state travel is allowed


– Training, scrimmages, games and tournaments allowed as normal

– Spectators allowed according to group-size limit in the Governor’s Safe Start Plan for phased return

– Travel is allowed


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