Crossfire Premier Families,

We are providing another complete set of individual workouts for the next two weeks. Our intention here has been to provide soccer-specific skill exercises, along with athletic development drills, that can be accomplished by an individual player working on his/her own, without any equipment requirements or the need for much space.

The ball mastery exercises, in particular, require nothing more than a ball and a few feet of flat surface – you can do these on a small patch of grass or turf, in your garage or even in your room.

Each exercise is accompanied by a video example we were able to shoot last week. Don’t worry if some of these are difficult for you to manage at the start – that’s to be expected. Just stick with it and you’ll improve in no time!

We’ve also posted a variety of core strength, cardio and conditioning exercise plans. We’ve organized these by days here, but you can adjust that to where you’re at in your particular training cycle. Each plan has different levels of repetitions—the idea is to push yourself to the highest level you can manage for each workout.

Also, there is a goalkeeper-specific workout for our keepers, to be accomplished on days 3 and 6.

We’ve added some additional speed/conditioning exercises for those of you who can find space to run.

IMPORTANT—If your individual circumstances prevent you from accomplishing any of these exercises, that’s okay! Just substitute other ball work/running for that portion of the daily program and continue. And if you have access to a goal, of course you should try to shoot 2-4 times per week. Remember, this is a great time to be working on your weaker foot!

Overall, be resourceful, but most important, be safe!

We hope everyone is staying healthy and that you’re finding ways to remain productive. Remember, if we stay disciplined and driven to improve, we can use this time to focus on personal development and our individual growth, and hopefully, come back to training better than we were when we left off.


Crossfire Directors

Weeks 3 & 4

Day 1 Workout Core Conditioning
Day 2 Workout Cardio & Core Conditioning
Day 3 Workout Footballer Workout
Day 4 Workout Goalkeeper Workout
Day 5 Workout Total Body Conditioning
Day 6 Workout Advanced Conditioning
Day 7  – Recovery  





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