Crossfire is now offering sessions through our virtual classroom to help players with their development in a variety of categories.


Upcoming Live Presentations

6/17 XF Wednesday Workout

Parent Resources 

COVID -19 Tax & Business Information

Cooking with Keith – Chef Brunell is a Crossfire Parent and a Corporate Chef for Nordstrom Restaurant Division

Memorial Day Special – Wild Alaskan Salmon & Filet Mignon
          Recipe – PDF

Roasted Asparagus, Pesto and Parmesan

“Better for You” Berry & Banana Smoothie! 

College Prep Program 

5/14 ScoutingZone Presentation
  Password: 2T=%550u

6/29 Q&A w/ Mark Collings, Seattle Pacific U. Men’s Head Coach
  Password: 6R$f#7#?

Wednesday Workouts


5/20  Password:9f=oZdSX


6/3  Password:6h$K6UUt




Personal Development

Q&A with Hassani Dotson of Minnesota United FC

Mental Toughness: An Introduction to Developing Mental Skills

Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership in an Elite Environment

Importance of Sleep for Athletes

Learning to Love Yourself  – Positive Body Image for Female Athletes

Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrition Presentation Handouts

A + B= Wins, Snacks Nutrition in Action

High Performance Kitchen and Pantry

Homemade Granola Bars and ORAC Chart

Hydration Guidelines

NIA Breakfast

Real Food Fuels

Sour Power NIA

Sports Nutrition Tips 2020

General Soccer Development

XF Guide to Recovery

PDF Slide Deck of the presentation

XF Game Model

XF Game Model Handout

4-3-3 Playing System & Position Profiles


Goalkeeper Warm-up

Box Movement

Box Progression

Ladder Movement



Breaking Down a Low Block


Attacking Principles:

Building Through the Midfield

Tactics for the Final Third

Winning the 1 v 1



Counter Pressing

1v1 Defending







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