Join one of the top clubs in the country! This dynamic partnership with Crossfire Premier will bring your club a high level of support and opportunity for your players, staff, and families. We pride ourselves at offering a great level of excellence to our teams and it has been proven to work with XF finishing as the #5 Boys and #11 Girls ECNL Club in the country.

Your players will be given access to the Scouting Zone platform. This platform offers an amazing amount of information for players. Each player can build a profile that every college coach in the country has access to. The profile includes the ability to add videos and all vital information to help a player get recruited. The program has emails for all the college coaches and the ability to contact them. Your coaches will be given access to an extensive library of training ideas that can be implemented to help their methodology.

Joining the XF Affiliate Program also brings you a Nike Uniform Agreement. Put your kids in the top uniform provider in the world. We have an exclusive deal with Soccer Master that provides all the uniforms for each team. XF will have a main uniform sponsor for the front of your uniforms and your club will have the ability to get sponsorships for the shoulder and back of your uniforms. We will provide information on best practices to get sponsors for your uniforms.

Bring your teams to play at one of the top facilities in the country during our tournaments. All affiliate teams will be offered a discounted entry fee for the June Tournament (Proliance Summer Kickoff) & August Tournament (Swickard Classic). Affiliate A/First Teams will get preferred acceptance into the Crossfire Challenge.

We also provide opportunities for your best players to get exposure to high level events. We send teams to Dallas Cup, Surf Cup and ECNL Events, as well as to several international tournaments every year. If your team doesn’t have a conflict, your players maybe able to play as Discovery Players to ECNL games/tournaments or guest play with our teams at these tournaments. As the affiliate program expands there will be more opportunities, including an annual coach’s trip to various destinations in Europe. With our relationship to clubs in Portugal, XF can also facilitate team trips for your club to train and compete in Europe.

The XF Affiliate Program does not have an annual affiliate fee nor a registration system that provides information for all your players to XF. You keep all your registration information in house. XF does make money off uniform sales at Soccer Master and from the front jersey sponsor. Each affiliate partnership is a 4-year commitment.

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