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Below are a list of FAQs we receive from players & parents when kicking off a club partnership.

Q) Who utilizes ScoutingZone?

A) Players, manager and college coaches all utilize SCOUTINGZONE in different capacities.  However, an important note is that more than 2,500 college coaches utilize SZ, making SZ the #1 college soccer recruiting tool. We partner not only with clubs but elite showcases and tournaments as well as organizations such as US Soccer Development Academy and US Club Soccer (NPL/ECNL Regional & Finals). Here’s a list of our SZ partnered events.

College coaches are provided instant access to all the players’ profiles linked to rosters and event schedules. SZ is the only recruiting tool that connects players and college scouts in a live setting at the fields. Additionally, college coaches are provided a list of players in a specific event that chose their school in TOP 10 most interested schools; thus, another great way to connect players and scouts on the fields at tournaments. Players are provided robust player profiles that they are able to share with college coaches when they email to gain interest, enabling college coaches to evaluate and track players.

Scholarships are not earned through databases…college coaches do not recruit from a database of players. SZ bridges that gap and actually connects players and scouts in a live setting. Scholarships are earned when a scout watches a player in action on the fields. SZ evolved into club partnerships as a way to continue to provide elite players with the most important tools needed to be recruited. A win for all parties!

Q) Can players create complete profiles in ScoutingZone?

A) Absolutely. They can include their Picture, Personal Contact Information, Team & Club Name, Manager and Coach Contact Information, GPA, SAT, ACT, Interested College Major, Highlight Video, Top 10 schools of interest (programs are notified when chosen in a Top 10), High School and Club Accolades, and more. Please see example below:

Player Profile Example

Q) Is there a timeframe that I need to be aware of to get my SZ Roster and SZ Player Profiles created?

A) There is not a hard date, however we find the teams and players that set up their profiles in the first 30 days of launching our partnerships tend to have higher success rates with connecting with college coaches. The more effort and accountability in setting up profiles directly correlates with teams/players reaching out to coaches and more recruiting opportunities. 

Additionally, the quicker you get your profiles/roster updated, the more prepared/visible you will be for your next tournament where scouts will be utilizing SZ to recruit.

Q) Where do I find my profile link?

A) In the upper left hand of your profile page, directly after you login, there is a link to “share you profile”. We suggest always including your SZ Player Profile in all emails/communications with college coaches. College coaches want to receive personal emails written by the player — the player profile link allows them to dive deeper into your profile should they want to learn more. Of all the players we see earn scholarships, most were proactive in reaching out to schools.

Q) Does ScoutingZone provide educational material? 

A) Yes. Twice a month we send out educational content that is geared towards providing assistance with the recruiting pathway. Additionally, we provide our club partners with quarterly educational content for their specific members. Be on the lookout!

Q) Can we create/hand out Roster Flyers to college coaches on our sidelines?

A) Yes you can! Managers are provided a free code to print out rosters in a uniformed, professional format. If the manager does not know their free roster print out code, email:

Q) Is there a way to search colleges to create my Top 10 list?

A) Yes! You are able to upgrade your SZ player profile to the Own The Zone Package. No more googling every school to find contact info and general school details. You can now search by state, by size of school, by conference, by enrollment, public or private or by individual school. Your search results will give you the following valuable info:

• Academic Information / Requirements

• Financial Information

• Admission Info

• Head Coach Emails

• Direct Link to Athletic Department Website and Emails

***Team Managers of SZ’s Club Partnership Program are provided with your club’s applicable promo code. If the manager does not know the promo code, email:

Q) How does the Own the Zone Package differ from my free SZ Profile?

A) With your OTZ Player Upgrade, you will be able to utilize the following resources to help you truly research schools…

• College Search Function

• Access to Head Coach Email Addresses

• College Tracker – saving your various schools and their info

Q) How do I create my SZ player profile?

A) Your manager needs to first register your team in SZ (if they have not done so yet, the instructions are below). Once your manager registers your team, they will send you your SZ Team Code. Manager SZ Registration:

• – Click: Register, Click: Manager

• You will obtain a SZ Team Code – you MUST send your SZ Team Code to your players so they can register Player SZ Registration:

• – Click: Register, Click: Player

• Enter your SZ Team Code (Obtain code from team manager)

• Enter your info – remember the more you enter, the higher likelihood you will appear in a college coach search

• Email college coaches and include your SZ player profile link – this is one of the most important steps in the recruiting process!!

We are super excited to be working together and providing the tools needed to be successful with your recruiting pathway. Should you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach us at:

Remember… if you aspire to play college soccer, YOU CAN! You just have to work hard for it.

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