Crossfire Premier is excited to announce a new partnership with DM Athletics in Kirkland, who will provide all of the club’s athletic performance training going forward — for teams, small groups and individuals. DM Athletics provides provides foundational and advanced athletic training to unlock an athlete’s potential, with the programs designed for XF teams that provide a high-energy environment to not only get teams to perform at their highest level, but also reduce injury rates significantly. Additionally, athlete physical therapy is available to enhance sport movements and mechanics, reduce injuries and speed recovery. 
Several XF ECNL teams have utilized DM Athletics for their athletic performance training throughout fall 2021 to great success, and now we want to expand the program club-wide. 
Team Program:
  • Two sessions weekly
  • One session on the field at your training location / one session at the DM Athletics facility
Small Groups:
  • Custom training plans can be arranged with the trainers.
Individual Training:
  • Custom training plans can be arranged with the trainers.
To arrange a consultation or to enroll your XF team or group into a training program, contact Donny Mateaki at 206-588-5921 / donny.mateaki@gmail.com
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