XF Return to Play Guidelines

As health and government authorities move closer towards releasing us to return to play, we wanted to pass along our guidelines for training during Phase 2. Of course, the information here is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and certainly doesn’t supersede any directives or restrictions issued from local, state or federal authorities. As always, the health and safety of our players, coaches and their families comes first. 
Below you will see the graphic illustrating Washington’s phased approach to reopening the state for activity. King County should be able to apply for Phase 2 status in the coming weeks, and once granted, you will be allowed to resume training with your teams — in groups no larger than 5, including the coach. 
Within these training sessions we still need to follow strict social distancing protocols, so have created the following guidelines for our coaches. Below that you will also see some recommendations for parents and players. 

Training Protocols

  • Players will be placed in a static group of four – groups will remain the same throughout Phase 2.
  • If anyone in a group is diagnosed with COVID-19, the entire group must return to self-isolation until symptom-free for 14 days. 
  • Players & coaches with any of the following signs or symptoms should not attend training: fever, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, body or muscle aches, diarrhea, sore throat, new headache, or a loss of taste or smell. 
  • Coaches will report any illnesses to club leadership ASAP. 
  • Coaches need to greet all players arriving for training and enquire about their recent health. They will ask how the athletes are feeling and send them home if they act or discuss feeling ill. 
  • Coaches and players will maintain at least 6 feet of distance from each other throughout the training session. No physical contact will be allowed through all activities and drills. No handshakes, high-fives or fist- or elbow bumps!
  • Coaches will wear cloth masks during the training session. Players will be required to wear a mask to and from training. (XF is providing new buffs with our logo free of charge.)
  • Training session start/stop times will be staggered by 10-15 minutes so players have time to clear the area before the new group arrives. We do not want multiple groups mixing with each other. IMPORTANT: Do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your session, and be prepared to leave the fields immediately once complete. 
  • Players cannot remain at the fields following their training session. 
  • Players cannot join other groups for additional training. 
  • Players need to store their backpacks, water bottles and any other gear at a minimum distance of 6 feet from each other. 
  • Players should bring hand sanitizer with them to training, and use before and after the session. 
  • Coaches will have hand sanitizer available. 
  • No sharing of equipment — players should not touch any cones or other equipment before, during or after the session. The use of training bibs is prohibited during Phase 2.
  • Players should not be in lines at any point in Phase 2 training. 
  • Parents should try to drop their players off and remain in the car. If parents come to the sideline for pickup or drop-off, they should wear a facemark and maintain appropriate distance from the training group, coaches and other parents.

Parent Recommendations: 

  • Ensure athletes are healthy, check their temperature daily.
  • Limited or no carpooling.
  • Stay in car or social distance when at training, wear mask at all times if outside your car.
  • Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every training session.
  • Label your child’s equipment to guard against cross-contamination.
  • Ensure all equipment, cleats, ball, shin guards etc. are sanitized after every training.
  • Notify club immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason and do not bring them into contact with coaches or other players.
  • Do not assist coaches with equipment before or after training.
  • Be sure your child has necessary sanitizer and cleaning supplies with them at every training.

Player Recommendations: 

  • Take temperature daily.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training and any contact outside your home.
  • Bring and use hand sanitizer with you at every training session. Especially for use at the beginning and end of sessions.
  • Limited or no carpooling.
  • Wear mask before and after all training sessions. This helps to protect others in the event that you are unknowingly carrying the virus.
  • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment.
  • Bring your own ball to training, label it as your own.
  • Practice social distancing and place bags and other equipment at least 6 feet apart from your teammates’ equipment during sessions.
  • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every training session. 
Most importantly, be smart! Stay home if you are sick! We all need to do our part to get everything back to normal as soon as possible. 
Thank you! We are all very much looking forward to seeing our players on the field together again!
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