Crossfire Premier & Snohomish United Continue the Tournament Championship Series in 2019

Crossfire Premier and Snohomish United are again partnering together for the second annual Tournament Championship Series. Clubs will be awarded points based on the system below. The club with the most points at the end of the summer will win the top prize.

The 2018 overall club champion was Seattle United and second place was Washington Premier FC.

Participating Tournaments

  • Snohomish United Invitational, June 21-23
  • Crossfire Challenge, U15-U19 July 12-15 & U9-U14 July 18-22
  • Redapt Cup, August 9-11
  • Snohomish Bigfoot, August 15-18

Point System

  • 1 point – For each team entering the tournament
  • 6 points – Winning Super group (Crossfire Challenge Only)
  • 4 points – Winning Gold Group
  • 2 points – Wining Silver Group
  • 1 point – Winning Bronze Group
  • 2 points – Additional bonus for winning age group above (playing up in top group and doesn’t include combined age groups)

Tie Breaker

  1. Club with the least number of yellow/red cards.
  2. Most teams entered in tournament series.
  3. Most wins in Super Group.
  4. Most wins in Gold Group.


  •  First Place – $15,000 donation to the club’s scholarship fund.
  •  Second Place – $7,500 donation to the club’s scholarship fund.

Note: Crossfire Premier and Snohomish United are not eligible for awards.



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