XF Futures Program

With an eye turned towards the identification and development of future Crossfire Premier players, the club has completely redesigned and revamped its free program for Under-7 and Under-8 boys and girls.

The new program, XF Futures, will bring an exciting and challenging blend of introductory skills training with weekly small-sided games, playing everything from 1v1 to 4v4 in each training session to ensure players have ample opportunity to explore a range of skills. The number of participants per gender and age group is capped to ensure the most motivated players are selected, providing an ideal proving ground for players who hope to play for top Crossfire Premier teams in the future.

There will be three XF Futures seasons offered per year, with each consisting of 14 training sessions, held twice weekly at a location in Redmond, and staffed by professional Crossfire Premier coaches who are assisted by young ladies and men from the club’s Under-19 Elite Clubs National League teams. The seasons will run as follows:

  • Summer— June and July
  • Fall— September and October
  • Spring— March and April

Each player will receive two XF Futures training t-shirts, shorts and soccer socks, along with a Nike soccer ball. And again, there is no cost to the program; all players will participate completely free of charge.

Players will be selected through a single-day player identification tryout held in late May. This tryout will be good for all three XF Futures seasons: Fall, Spring & Summer. If a player opts out of a season during the year, his or her position will be offered to a player from the waitlist.

For players in this program or other young players looking for more opportunities to play, we also recommend the Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association recreational soccer program, the details of which can be found at www.lwysa.org. During periods of overlap, the XF Futures program is scheduled to avoid any potential conflicts with recreational soccer programming.

Check-in over the coming weeks at www.crossfiresoccer.org to receive registration & scheduling information for the upcoming player identification tryouts in May. All boys and girls aged Under-7 and Under-8 for the new soccer season (born in 2014 or 2015) are encouraged to register for and attend the tryout.

For players born in 2013 or earlier, Crossfire Premier will be conducting tryouts for our year-round Premier teams throughout the month of May. Check back here regularly for more information and make sure you don’t miss your chance to learn why it’s Great To Be Crossfire! #G2BXF

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