XF Training Cancellation

Due to the recent surge of positive COVID-19 tests in King County and Washington State, Crossfire Premier has made the decision to suspend all training activities, effective immediately.  This means all training with your XF coaches is cancelled. 
Over the course of the week we’ve had to place a handful of XF players and training groups into self-isolation because of potential exposure to the virus. The number of cases is only continuing to grow, and with the likelihood that many people will be exposed to new and larger groups over the Fourth of July weekend, we feel it’s the club’s responsibility to proactively respond. We want to act decisively before there is a widespread problem in the club; Crossfire needs to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 
Furthermore, we feel it’s wise to allow 14 days to pass following the holiday weekend to allow cases to clear before thinking about resuming training. Club staff will evaluate the state and county situation over the weekend of July 18-19 and make a determination at that time about possibly resuming on Monday, July 20. Return to training will be a week-to-week question, but regardless, the club has made the decision that we will not charge any players for the month of July. 
We still encourage our players to remain active and to continue training on their own, but again, assembling in large groups is counterproductive and doesn’t do anyone any good. Please refrain from gathering together and help all of us get back to normal as quickly as possible. 
As always, the health and safety of our players and coaches, and their extended families, is our foremost consideration. We hope that by acting early and decisively, we can play our part in stemming this spike in positive cases and help get us back on the field sooner rather than later. 
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